Remote Desktop Services

If you’re running a business, versatility and convenience are key. Keeping productivity up is essential, even when you’re on the go, and having access to your work at any time, and anywhere, is hugely beneficial. If you’re trying to compete in a competitive marketplace then remote accessibility isn’t just an advantage, it’s a must! You can bet your competitors will be utilising these methods, and if you want to keep up you’ll need to as well. Luckily, we have an efficient method of keeping you connected and able to work, wherever you are.

Here at Matrix7, we can provide you with a great solution that will make your life a lot easier and ensure that you stay on top of things. Our remote desktop services allow you to access your business network wherever you are in the world, through a web browser. If you need to communicate with colleagues, or attend to pressing matters, there’s no need to delay and lose valuable time.

If your organisation has the benefit of remote offices, we can connect you and your staff to ensure that productivity is maintained at a high level, and data is centralised. Whether your staff are working from home, from a hotel room in another city, even another country - anywhere they have access to an internet connection they will be able to work and communicate with colleagues.

Our services aren’t just restricted to email access; with our help you’ll be able to work online as if you’re sitting at your desk in the office. If you want to use Word, Excel, Outlook, or various other applications, you’ll be free to do so remotely once we sort this out for you.  You can print locally, or use the printers in your office. The best part is that no software needs to be installed on the computer at your remote connection.

Our remote desktop services have numerous benefits - mobility, scalability (only pay for what you use - no need for setup), and security, to name just a few. When you work with Matrix7, you’ll also get IT support from our experienced and knowledgeable staff, so we’ll always stay on top of things and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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