Backup & Disaster Recovery

Companies, both large and small, all rely heavily on IT, so it's imperitive to have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place should the worst happen.

Backups should include not only your internal documents, or fast-changing transactional data, but also the Operating Systems that your IT systems run on. The reason it's important to backup your OS as well as your data is to ensure your can return your business to an opertional state in the shortest possible timeframe. Losing data is a disaster but preventing your business from operation is even worse and can cause even more disastrous consequences if it is not restored in a reasonable timeframe.

OS recovery is commonly referred to as bare metal recovery. If your server crashed and became inoperable we can load the backup image onto a different server (of a similar hardware configuration) and get your business operational again.

Our aim is to ensure your business has the best possible outcome in the event of any disaster, beit a simple file deletion and recovery, to a server crash that needs to be rebuilt.

We also cater for the cloud backups as well. Why is this important you say? It's important becuase it keeps a copy of your entire business in the cloud and prevents you losing your entire business intelligence and data in the event your offices burn to the ground. Your on-site backup data would be lost in this example.

In the above example, even though your business may hit a temporary hurdle, we can recover all your data and systems to get you operational in the shortest possible timeframe.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a solution to suit your needs...

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