Monthly Archives: November 2016

CentOS 6.4 Email Gateway (Part 7)

Now we'll install MailWatch with the web GUI for MailScanner. Let's begin. Open Putty and enter: yum install php-gd php-mysql -y Edit the /etc/php.ini file and ensure each variable below is set with these values: short_open_tag = On safe_mode = Off register_globals = Off magic_quotes_gpc = On magic_quotes_runtime = Off session.auto_start = 0 Save and…
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CentOS 6.4 Email Gateway (Part 4)

We're now ready to install and configure MailScanner. Firstly we'll pre-install the packages required by MailScanner. Open up Putty and input the following: yum install perl-Archive-Zip perl-DBI perl-DBD-SQLite perl-Filesys-Df perl-Net-CIDR perl-OLE-Storage_Lite perl-Sys-Hostname-Long perl-Sys-SigAction perl-MIME-tools You'll need to install wget for the next procedure to work: yum install wget We need to install a few other…
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