IT Support Services

Running a business requires a large online presence in this digital age, and if you want to make strides then you can’t afford your IT systems letting you down and slowing your progress. Luckily, if you’re looking for IT support in Canberra and beyond, then Matrix7 is the perfect solution.

Matrix7 provides IT support, network installations, server maintenance, IT systems, disaster recovery, and remote access solutions to small to medium sized organisations across a range of industries. Our talented and experienced IT Support engineers can cover the ACT and indeed, the whole of Australia.

Our remote desktop support solutions are the ultimate way to keep your computer networks performing at the optimum level. This means we’ll be able to get to work straight away; wherever we are, for general maintenance as well as troubleshooting. Whether the problem is with desktop PC’s, servers, firewalls, or any number of other issues, our support engineers are ready and willing to help. We can also provide you with any hardware your business needs, as well as supporting and implementing it.

Issues can arise when you least expect it, but by being prepared, and taking the necessary precautions, we ensure that when disaster strikes we can minimise the damage and inconvenience to you and your business. We do this by installing cutting edge backup solutions; so that disaster recovery is not a week long outage, but rather a same day, back to normal operation. Our skill and attention to detail can turn a massive issue into merely a momentary annoyance.

Our aim is to make your business systems reliable, effective and robust. We can provide secure remote access for your business users to gain access to your internal business applications; allowing you and your teams to work remotely from any location; be it interstate or overseas. We will strive to make your server a communications hub that broadcasts directly to your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Windows Smartphone, so you have up to the minute emails and communications with your office while you are off site.

When you commission Matrix7 to be your IT Support Organisation we will work with you as part of your team; going about our work seamlessly and in a proactive manner to minimise hassle to you, the client, and ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly at all times. Want to know a little more about Matrix7, and how we can help? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get to your request rapidly.

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