Windows Server 2016 Force Updates From Command Line

This is just a quick post to outline that Windows 2016 and Windows 10 uses UsoClient.exe which is a totally new approach from the Wuauclt.exe days of Window 2008/Windows 7 for Windows updates from the command line.

The following outlines the various switches that can download, install and check for updates.

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges to use the examples below.

To commence a Windows update scan of available updates use the following:

UsoClient /StartScan

Once scan is complete is can use the following to download the patches:

UsoClient /StartDownload

To install downloaded patches use:

UsoClient /StartInstall

To restart the server or PC to complete the patch installation:

UsoClient /RestartDevice

Alternatively, you can use the following to scan, download and install in the one line:

UsoClient /ScanInstallWait

I think this is a lot more elegant than the older Wuauclt and a lot clearer. Hopefully it allows you to better administer the servers and PCs under your control.

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