Advisory: DHL Urgent Pickup Scam

There is a new DHL parcel pickup scam that is starting to hit users inboxes. It claims you have an urgent pickup of a parcel that needs to be addressed today. As I’ve outlined in previous advisories, whenever you receive an email that tries to get you to act urgently for any reason, the alarm bells should be going off that you are more than likely being scammed in one way or another.

With this particular email, if you were to click the link within the email, it would take you to a website that has a Word document which has a macro that when executed would download and run a ransomware virus on your network and encrypt all your files and hold you to ransom.

The email and website screenshots look like the examples below:

If you click the “Track My Shipment Now” link in the email above, you would be taken to the following website which contains the offending Word Document that has the macro for the ransomware virus:

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