Mikrotik Incorrect Date on PPPoE Last Link Down

Just a quick post today to show you how to rectify an issue within Winbox that displays the incorrect date or a date that's in the future for the Last Link Down Time field.

This occurs because there is more than likely a versioning issue in your Windows Winbox "AppData" profile. This occurs because you have just started using a new version of Winbox, but your AppData folder contains settings for the previous version.

So how do you fix it?

First, close all instances of Winbox that you currently have open, then open Windows Explorer and navigate to:


Within that folder you should see a folder called "sessions". Rename the "sessions" folder to "sessions_old" (without the quotes).

Now open Winbox again and log onto your router. Check the PPPoE Last Link Down Time and Last Link Up Time and they should now be correct.

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